The language at your reach

Start expanding your business today!

The language at your reach

Start expanding your business today!

SpanishKey: Language & Business Help


New service:


Spanish scenario building. You give us the scenario, we give you the tailor made lesson. We specialise in 'Key pronunciation' to maximise your learning.


Very popular with holiday makers and business travellers.


Visit our Free Lessons Section to find out more. See the slides for key sounding tips.


What we do


Direct, human interface translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.


We provide business support to improve and develop commercial relationships between Spain, Spanish speaking countries and the UK. We can help with your business plan, support your endeavours, including how to find out the right contact in Spain or the UK (data management).


We specialised on Spanish teaching offering business solutions and domestic support too. Classes involve practising scenarios from day one. Covering everyday routines and supporting students to grow and accelerate their learning through a combination of online, face to face, skype and home tasks. You can start talking Spanish in very few weeks. The speed depends on you but we can offer techniques and support so you can develop your own system in your own terms.



We want our business to be successful and ethical. Whenever we can we will use sustainable sources in our business model. We are committed to donate 2% of our total revenue to develop social value, currently supporting a local library in Fleckney.









 ´´Juan got my work translated quickly. It showed care and personal attentions. Great help´´ S.H., Leicester, UK


´´Ana y Juan fueron my atentos. Buen trabajo, bien conectado, muy util´´ M. González, Madrid



Areas covered:






– Translation & Interpretation Service from Spanish to English and English to Spanish

– Translation of marketing materials

– Proofreading

– Copy editing (grammar and structure integrity)

– Support of your business through accurate translations and business cultural awareness

– Online and face to face interpreting, including SKYPE interpreting

- Small group fast introduction into Spanish (between 2 and 4 weeks)

- Improvement and refreshing of Spanish language (conversations, research, business problem solving - related to business cultural awareness - )




– CV

– Letters, e-mails

– Proofreading

– Copy editing (grammar and structure integrity)

– Home documentation, house searches

– Articles, student LANGUAGE support, marketing material (ask for more specific areas)

- Face to face Spanish teaching (local travelling only)

- SKYPE Spanish


FREE Lessons  


Free powerpoint lessons are available below, including our pronunciation method to ensure you can clearly hear and practice key words and expressions at your own pace.


Lesson - phone conversation




Prices are clear, transparent and competitive. We can offer you an individual or Business Pack service.


You can purchase variations of the Business Packs below to fit your needs. Business Packs are designed to give you a more complete and custom opportunity to maximise your language requirements.


Business Pack

• 100 minutes business cultural awareness

• 30 minutes interpreting (face to face)

• 60 minutes interpreting (SKYPE)

TOTAL COST: £165 + travel expenses (for face to face interpreting or face to face business support)


Business Pack 2

• 150 minutes cultural awareness

• 60 minutes interpreting face to face

• 120 minutes interpreting (SKYPE)

TOTAL COST: £220 + travel expenses



Interpreting fees & Face to Face teaching

• £25 hour (East Midlands, UK) plus travelling  expenses, when service provided face to face

• £15 hour for telephone based interpreting

Minimum fee applies

  • £40 hr face to face personal and individual Spanish teaching
  • Groups discount available

Contact us

+44795 1685871




Alternatively contact Juan Pardo:

SKYPE: live:pardojuanm17




If you are a Spanish business that is looking to move in the County of Leicestershire, we may be able to offer a free advice on tax, compliance and business grants through our partners under ´´Better Business for All´´. Contact us for further details